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Our Ethos

One West is a provider of specialist professional services.

We provide excellent value for money for our customers with expertise working with government bodieseducationcharities and care providers.

We have a skilled and experienced workforce and are constantly growing our business to encompass more services to a broader range of clients.

Our breadth of service delivery in our sector is unique meaning we can provide integrated solutions for our customers, always intent on ensuring they get a ‘square deal.’

Our service is known for quality, and we aim to be a valued and trusted partner to our clients putting customer need first.

We want to provide distinctive, innovative services that make life easier for our customers, helping them to get the outcomes they need.

We recognise and respond to changes in customer need and increased focus on things like Cyber Security and the Green Agenda by development of new services.

At the same time, we are ensuring we are creative in how we deliver services in order to match changes in the way people work and revised requirements from this.

This means we can be a positive contributor to local communities and the public sector and helps us to remain sustainable for long term support of our clients.

Contact us: Email:          Phone: 01225 395 959