You might need to check where you stand on meeting any governance needs within your organisation. We can help.

A failure to manage and comply with any of a broad spectrum of business related requirements might be costly both legally and in terms of reputation. Our Governance Health Checks are designed so that you can understand your governance compliance and decide what to do next.

What we can help you with

An overall assessment of your organisation’s controls and compliance measures with suggested priority areas to tackle.

•Specific reviews of things like Data Protection, Information Governance and Security, Records Management, Cyber Security.

Reports with action plans to improve current compliance. These can identify ‘quick wins’ and actions which will require a little more time to sort out.

And that’s not all

We offer a broad range of other professional services both in assurance and general business support. All are designed to actively partner with and support our customers with the same philosophy of flexibility, quality and value.

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