Our services are tailored to need. This ensures relevance to our customers in government, education, care and other areas.

Internal Audit

Our audit service helps to keep finances in check, ensures organisational honesty and reduces the risk of reputational harm.

Risk Management

Many organisations fail to manage their risks effectively which impacts on how well they do.
We can provide expert risk management services helping improve your service delivery.


We can handle investigations from initiation to panel in ways that fit your needs. We will work with you flexibly acting on your behalf and ensuring we comply with your policies and procedures.

Business Continuity

When things go wrong our customers place an onus to recover very quickly. Our experts can support you to achieve greater resilience ensuring you deliver your services as consistently as possible.

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR May 2018) mean that many organisations must have a Data Protection Officer. Working in partnership we can fulfil this requirement. We will help make sure you are compliant with the latest legislation.

Governance Health Checks

A failure to manage and comply with any of a broad spectrum of business related requirements might be costly both legally and in terms of reputation. Our Governance Health Checks are designed so that you can understand your governance compliance and decide what to do next.

Cyber Security Assessment

We have expert cyber security auditors who can make sure you are aware of the key IT risks you have and that you know what you can do about them.

Records Management

We will undertake collection, filing, retention and disposal of your records making sure that your information is safe, retrievable on demand and private.

Fraud and Investigation

Fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and the working environment is changing at pace so control of risks is more challenging.

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