All employers have to follow policies in dealing with personnel issues but investigating them can be really difficult. We have highly experienced investigators to help you, especially where the situation is hard to handle.

Often, the level or complexity of caseload presents a significant bar to other organisational developments, simply because it is pressing and time consuming.

At other times it is often best to use an independent investigator especially if there is the potential for escalation. That’s where we come in.

We will handle investigations from initiation to panel (and if necessary beyond) in ways that fit your needs. Our investigation officers will work with you flexibly acting on your behalf and of course ensuring we comply with your policies and procedures.

Our work always delivers clear, well thought out recommendations to help guide eventual outcomes. Our clients find this really helps them to reach cogent, confident conclusions which will stand scrutiny.

What we can help you with:

  • Disciplinary Investigations.
  • Formal Grievance Investigations.
  • Disciplinary/grievance end to end services including:
  • Interviews and evidence gathering.
    •   Note taking.
    •   Issuing of all correspondence.
    •   Full case file with Findings report and recommendation.
    •  Presentation at panel or appeal if convened.

It is possible to vary the level of service on request and services can be provided on either a one off or ongoing basis depending on what you wish. The starting point is to talk with us and we can guide you from there.

Need something else?

We offer a broad range of other professional services both in assurance and general business support. All are designed to actively partner with and support our customers with the same philosophy of flexibility, quality and value.

Contact us: Email:          Phone: 01225 395 959