This is our engagement page – scroll down for our free resources and to check out any job vacancies we have.

We want to provide resources for people to use so they learn more about the subjects we specialise in. We also want to publicise our job opportunities.

On this page you can link and listen to our podcasts, see our newsletters and read our blogs. You can also see if we are recruiting.

You can also link here to our social media channels. We would love you to comment so feel free to use our channels to do this.

We are working hard on the way we approach social media in order to give our customers and those who are interested, other ways to communicate with us and to find out what the issues are in our profession.

We are passionate about our subject and feel strongly about the impact on individuals, families and communities of the sort of issues they face with data protection, cyber security and fraud.

We want to work with our customers and others so they understand the inter relationships between a range of practices which help organisations to thrive even in an ever changing environment.

1. News Bulletins – our periodic publications with interesting subject matter.

We publish news bulletins periodically. If you want to subscribe let us know :

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2. Podcasts – for convenience our podcasts are in MP3 format. Just click the link to play.

Our podcasts are a great way to hear our views on things like GDPR and Business Continuity. Most are just 10 or 15 minutes. We have lots more in our Members Area so if you are interested in joining our community drop us an email to discuss.

Click here to see what we have available.

3. Latest Blogs – read what we have to say about what matters in our industry.

 We think it’s important to take a view on things and to engage in conversations relevant to our professional work.
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4. Recruitment – find out about our vacancies when we are recruiting.

We regularly update our jobs section detailing opportunities in One West as part of Bath and North East Somerset Council.

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Information Governance Store

5. Posters for Download – A selection of posters for staff and students regarding data safety.

We have produced a range of posters in A4 full colour.

Feel free to download and use them here