Charities & Care organisations

One West is developing its relationships with Charities and Care organisations and is dealing with highly regarded providers in this field.

The skills and knowledge we have developed working with local government and educational providers translate seamlessly into the needs that Charity and Care organisations have.

It means our customers in this area can be confident that they will get excellent service.

The breadth of our offer as a provider of specialist professional services is unique. It allows our customers to benefit from the increased efficiency this gives and always means they get good value.

We understand the importance placed on ethical trading and the value of trusted relationships within the sector and seek to work with organisations on this basis.

We also understand particular issues with the protection of data along with management and safekeeping of documents. Consequently our Data Protection and Records Management services are proving to be especially relevant at this time.

It is also understood Charities and Care providers seek to be forward looking. For this reason as the threats of Cyber Crime are escalating we are providing Cyber Security audits. The ‘Green Agenda’ is also key and we are developing our provision of ‘Green Reviews’ in response to this.

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