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The full & fair process that Disciplinary, Grievance, Harassment & Bullying Policies ensure is vital to our organisational health.

However, often ‘HR caseload’ means a significant & sudden onus on our services to deal with the situation as a priority whatever else needs doing.

Even though our HR fully and very ably offer support and guidance when a disciplinary or grievance matter arises, for the service itself it can be pretty disruptive.

This is not just because people are upset but because it’s really challenging to do what is necessary to resolve the issue in a timely way.

At the same time the impact on other workload can be high – often there really is no option internally other than to drop whatever else is happening.

The stakes can be significant & commonly situations are complex.

To avoid this, we work with B&NES HR and offer a service which can handle investigations on behalf of services right from initiation to panel. Our investigation officers work flexibly ensuring working within our policies and procedures.

What we can help you with:

  • Disciplinary Investigations.
  • Formal Grievance Investigations.
  • Disciplinary/grievance end to end services including:

Interviews and evidence gathering.

  1. Note taking.
  2. Issue of all correspondence.
  3. Full case file with Findings report and recommendation.
  4. Presentation at panel or appeal if convened.

The Investigation service is tried and tested with an experienced flexible Investigation team available to help.

The service is especially able to tackle ‘hard to handle’ cases and situations where an external / independent investigator is important. The service is available both within B&NES and externally.

One West can do as much or as little as is required but most often undertakes a full investigation & delivers a complete package including the report and case file.

Also, to note, the service is synergistic with the rest of One Wests’ offer and because Investigations can be associated with Audit, Risk, GDPR & Fraud Assurance etc. we are able to tie everything together for you if the situation demands.

If you want to know more contact is via:


Tel: 01225 395959